Accessibility Information

Please contact La Crosse Public Library (LPL) Archives to learn more about disability accommodations for engaging with guided and self-guided Footsteps history tours. Our staff want to work with you to make your experience as educational as possible.


Route Distances & Wheelchair Accessibility

Most Footsteps tours were first created as walking tours that can be guided by LPL Archives staff, or self-guided for folks using this website. All of the walking tours are less than 1.5 miles in distance and utilize sidewalks. There are also a few longer tours that cars, bicycles, or some other vehicle may be more appropriate for taking the tour.

The La Crosse Public Library cannot guarantee that all sidewalks on a route will be wheelchair or scooter accessible. Other devices (e.g. crutches, canes, or walkers) should work on most of these routes, but it is best to contact LPL Archives staff at (608) 789-7136 before you go out to confirm there is no construction or other obstruction.


Vision Impairments and Blindness

This website was made using the most updated HTML5 accessibility standards, which includes things like colors, font size, headings, and designated alt-text for images. This website is compatible with read aloud software. 

All original Footsteps tours that were created in 2008-2009 include audio files for each of the stops. Some of the tours added since 2009 do not yet have audio files, though this is something that is planned for the near future. Thank you for your patience.

If you use a white cane or have a vision impairment and would like to attend a guided, in-person Footsteps tour, you are more than welcome. If desired, please contact LPL Archives staff ahead of time so the guide can add more visual descriptors to their script and enhance your experience.


Hearing Impairments and Deafness

All Footsteps tour guides utilize a speaker while guiding tours on the streets, and will check in with the audience at the beginning to make sure folks can hear at that volume. Please approach your guide beforehand about raising the volume if you are concerned about hearing the sound system. Contact LPL Archives staff before the tour if you would like access to the script to be able to read along during the guided tour.

If you would like to request an ASL interpreter be present during a tour, please contact LPL Archives staff as soon as possible. 

This website was made by humans and may contain errors. If you have any suggestions, are concerned or have any questions regarding accessibility and the Footsteps website or tours, please contact LPL Archives staff at (608) 789-7136 or