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Footsteps of La Crosse

Follow the drop-down menu at the upper right corner of the screen to select from a series of walking tours highlighting some of the most historic and architecturally significant buildings in La Crosse. The Downtown La Crosse, Cass-King Residential, Tenth and Cass Residential, Main Street Meander, Prairie Steps, Crowley Addition/Edgewood Place, Franciscan Neighborhood, Goosetown Neighborhood, and the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Area tours are in a compact geographic area and can be covered on foot. The buildings on the North La Crosse, City Landmarks, Additional National Register, and Sacred Spaces tours are further apart and can be found more easily by car or bicycle. Also, individual properties can be selected to create your own tour.

La Crosse has a wealth of architecturally and historically significant residential, commercial and public buildings. These tours highlight over 150 of the best known and officially identified historic structures in the city. No doubt, there are many that are not included but are equally significant. We invite you to explore the rich variety of historic properties that make up the architectural heritage of La Crosse. Enjoy your tours and remember to look UP!

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Footsteps of La Crosse, Yard Sign Edition

May is Historic Preservation Month and to celebrate this year, we have placed a handful of yard signs around the city for you to find. These signs include historic photographs, architecture highlights, as well as a short history of the property.

Signs can be found at: 

  • 1607 North St
  • 1552 Kane St
  • 716 Copeland Ave
  • 2537 Edgewood Pl
  • 1407 Main St
  • 1429 Main St
  • 1428 Main St
  • 1611 Main St
  • 128 14th St S
  • 203 16th St S
  • 203 10th St
  • 221 11th St S
  • Weigent Park

This project comes to you from Footsteps of La Crosse, a program series by the La Crosse Public Library Archives & Local History Department. The signs were made in partnership with the Preservation Alliance of La Crosse (PAL).

Please respect the homeowner and their property. If you have questions, contact the LPL Archives at (608) 789-7136.


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